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(All prices incl. VAT, weekends + 10%)


Relocation Prices
Small truck (20 kbm) + 2 men 650 SEK / h
Large car (55 kbm) + 2 men 850 SEK / h
Extra carrier +150 SEK / h
Minimum charge 3 hours

Upon request, we always send a complete quote with different packages that the customer can choose as well as hourly rates. We always include copy of our insurance as well as transport permits required for the carriage of goods.


We offer all customers who will relocate fixed prices. For this, complete information is required to fill in our quotation request. In addition, special information about the amount of furniture can be noted, for example, if shared housing, much to be thrown out, etc.

We currently have a campaign on moving locally in Stockholm / Södertälje. Special conditions apply: Not packing, max volume 20kbm as well as not long way to walk or stairs. If we have high occupancy, we can not book this either.

Pricing examples for fixed prices do not place or packing with simple conditions without stairs and walkway:

Relocation Prices
2 rooms from 2200 SEK
3 rooms from 3000 SEK
4 rooms from 4000 SEK
Terraced house from 4500 SEK
Villa from 5000 SEK


Relocation Prices
Piano relocation from 1200 SEK

The price above applies to a modern piano not higher than 150cm, as well as no stairs and locally in Stockholm or Södertälje.

Larger pianos, stairs etc. affect price. A 4-man piano with many stairs locally costs about 2500 kr.

Grand pianos

We are one of the few if not the only company in Stockholm that can move Grand pianos.

Prices range from 2500 SEK to 8000 SEK depending on model and stairs.


Driving / pick-up with a minimum of 30pcs is free within Stor-stockhom. Transportation takes place about 1 time / week.

Moving carton, purchase (standard size but twice as powerful as those selling in other stores) 30 SEK / carton

Contacts info

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